We are proud that what makes Platinum Real Estate a Top choice for Professional Realtors is the integrity of the ownership, the trust in each other as colleagues, the consideration each member has for each other, their customers and clients, their community, their family and their faith.

We recognize our responsibility to continually bring relevant marketing, sales and education to our Team. We strive to continually improve our systems and technologies. We are authentic, honest, we care and we are committed to excellence in all we do. We are committed to treating each Team member individually based on their experience, needs, goals and expectations for a bright and successful future; as they define it.


Todays Top Technology 


A Company who claims to have the best in technology might find their systems as outdated as their claim. Professional trusted companies today recognize that their commitment to constantly improve their technology to ensure its effectiveness is a far greater responsibility and measure of excellence in today’s Real Estate Industry.

At Platinum our claims are regarding our commitment and we find it creates a strength that engages all members of the Team to ensure we are current and relevant providing the very best to all our Agents and Team.





Of All Home Searches Start Online


Of home searches use MOBILE applications 


Of agents have their own website 

Custom Websites

stunning Sites for all agents

Your eyes can determine the stunning visual quality of Platinum sites and the proof of effectiveness is in how Platinum uses sticky, prospect capturing websites which are time tested and proven to keep visitors engaged 4 times longer than other websites. Each Platinum agent is provided with a custom page on these sites and greater personalized sites with unique features and URL are available at reduced rates for Platinum agents. 

Client Relationship Management 


Platinum offers multiple intuitive CRMs. Our CRMs are cloud based and allow file storing and easy access on all devices. Our system is customizable for the needs of each agent, it automates real estate marketing and sales tasks allowing agents to manage their time efficiently. We offer multiple alternatives so that agents can choose what best fits their needs to ensure the development of their most important asset; their database.


Social Media 

LEVERAGing the latest in Social media

Today’s customer is everywhere—online and offline. She moves seamlessly from one channel to the next, jumping from her email inbox, to her Facebook feed, to her favorite blog, to your website, then back to social media—all without losing momentum, and from whatever device is most handy at the moment. Marketing is no longer about being “multi-channel”; it’s about being Omni channel. To meet your customers wherever they are, you need to deliver an integrated customer experience across every single platform.

Mobile Technology

Follow up with buyers Instantly  

Platinum utilizes the latest in mobile technology that allows consumers to receive text updates about your property. This  technology enables us to use GPS technology to follow up with potential buyers within minutes of their inquiry.

Training to Fit The Needs of Every Agent


Training – Education – Skill Development – Mentoring – Team Development 

Platinum supports the individual agent. We believe in unique and personalized business planning as we abide by the order of God, Family, Growth. These concepts above require a cooperative and inclusive approach of all proficiencies of experience, networking, course study, seminars, video training, white paper, tips and group learning opportunities. We lead our agents to that education which is a best investment based on their experience, we deliver weekly information and concepts to constantly improve their quality of service and performance to reach their goals.



Institute for Luxury Home Marketing 

As members of the prestigious Institute, Platinum brings excellence in a variety of assets that other company may not offer. Thes assets include connections with International databases and premiere quality video marketing techniques. In this way we help our agents serve not only Luxury markets in exclusive geographies, we are able to bring these tools to all agents and their clients. We are proud to help our agents provide the very best in quality service.

Our Vision is to Strengthen Your Success

Platinum Real Estate strives to continually expand our corporate culture based on the foundation of serving agents.  We commit to providing an environment rich with systems, technologies, education, and opportunities that allow agents to deliver excellence in service to their customers and clients.  We help agents achieve their goals and set higher expectations of themselves and their roles and responsibilities within their families and communities.